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Fast Finish Event Timing offers sports timing and event management services​ regardless of the size of the event.  From small school cross country events, to larger multipsort events, the intent is to meet the needs of rural communities at affordable rates to allow event growth and participation.


Technolgy can be tailored for each event.  From Shoe Tag reads, Event BiB reads, or Ankle Tag reads for multipsort, we have you covered.


Fast Finish Event Timing has partnered with the Telstra Store Rural Race Triathlon Series for 2014'15.  Fast Finish Event Timing offers series coordination and management, introducing event merchandise ranges along with providing series points updates following each event held on the Rural Race Series calendar.

            Fast Finish Event Management

Experienced over many years conducting multisport events, open water swims, fun runs and time run events, Fast Finish Event Timing can offer a tailored service to help you establish an event that provides a safe and successful event, whatever the size.


  • Timing Services

  • Permits & approvals

  • Event merchadise design and procurement

  • Marketing and Promotion

  • Logo and Brochure Design (Partnering with Siege Designs)

  • Risk Analysis and Risk Management Planning


              Trident RFID Pro Reader


Trident TM Pro-XWR Reader.  The TM Pro-XWR is the professional reader with all the bells and whistles. We’ve added enhanced features by working closely with our professional race timers so everything you need is built into a lightweight ergonomic case weighing in at only 7kg. Includes Bluetooth, USB, Ethernet & Wi-fi communications with integrated 3G Comms and SIM card for web connectivity and radio modem for mesh networked remote split or spotter systems. Also has DHCP (dynamic host configuration protocol) allowing network devices to automatically obtain a valid IP address. Detailed specifications CLICK HERE

               Trident RFID Timing mats

Introducing the new Trident ProMats. These mats are made specifically for the professional timer and mass events where it’s important that the mats don’t creep or walk with heavy traffic going over them. The mats provide a completely flat, wrinkle free, surface for the

runner with robust PVC coil finish and tapered edges.

“Non-slip” nodules on the bottom of the mat and fully encased cable and masthead support mean these mats are made to last and take the punishment. Detail Specs CLICK HERE

            Trident RFID Timing Tags

The Trident AnkleTag is made for running, watersport and multisport events. Like the name says, it’s ideal for wearing around an athlete’s ankle. The AnkleTag’s ergonomic form makes it a smaller, more user-friendly tag and the new AnkleStrap slips easily into its wider custom designed slots.

Uniquely, a small split ring hole in this tag allows pets and guide dogs to be registered and run with their owners in events. Detaill Specs CLICK HERE


Key Features

• Passive – so no battery is needed

• Robust waterproof construction (IP67)

• Two convenient slots for easy insertion into AnkleStrap

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